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Today we see companies looking for knowledge that connects sustainable development with profitability. Since 1997 Miljöbron has been a link between industry and the academia. It’s about making a contribution with knowledge and helping companies find ways to a sustainable development. Through this we also help students from Lund’s University to reach job experience. The fusion works, we know that from experience.



The non-profit organization Miljöbron was established in 1997 in Gothenburg, Sweden. As from August 2011 Miljöbron is also located in Skåne with office in Lund,Helsingborg and Kristianstad, to speed up the environmental work in small and medium-sized companies in the region.



We coordinate projects that suites as a thesis (examensarbeten) or as a smaller commission (uppdrag). The smaller commissions are carried out by 2 students, alongside their studies, during 10-20 hour. Our projects range from technology to psychology, and all fields of knowledge in between. Their common feature is the connection to sustainable development. All projects are advertised through our website, you find current projects here.



We welcome English projects as well as English speaking students.



If you want more information please contact us at Miljöbron.